14 April 2017

News Report: No easy way for US to back military threats to Pyongyang


President Donald Trump is raising pressure on North Korea, touting the US naval "armada" he ordered to the troubled peninsula and promising America will "solve the problem" if China won't help.

He wants to stop Pyongyang from developing a long-range nuclear missile, but North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sees such a weapon as key to his regime's survival.

The situation has the makings of a stand-off, with Kim expected to conduct another nuclear test soon, and Washington aware that any military action would trigger an unknowable set of potentially catastrophic consequences.

Still, the Trump administration has been forceful in its warnings to North Korea that leave military options "on the table," as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson put it.

The threat carries extra weight after Trump's strike on a Syrian air base last week.

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