17 March 2017

News Story: Pakistan’s ISI Helping Taliban In Kunar - Police

By Sharif Amiri

Taliban militants are pushing to take control of Dangam district in Kunar in order to reach  the provincial capital Asadabad and are doing so with the help of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, Kunar Police Chief Juma Gul Himmat told TOLOnews.

“The ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence], and totally Pakistan, plotted a strong plan to over-run Dangam district and repeat the Helmand experience here, but they failed to reach their goal, the same as last year,” Himmat said.

He said Dangam’s security is key to the security of the entire province.

This claim comes in the wake of a surge in group attacks again Dangam in recent months. 

TOLOnews journalist Sharif Amiri visited Kunar, which shares a border with Pakistan, and spoke to residents affected by insecurity and war in the province.

During his visit, Amiri found that insurgents are positioned only two kilometers from the district governor’s office.

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