18 March 2017

News Story: Kunduz Residents Claim Three Civilians Killed In Night Raid

By Nabeela Ashrafi

A number of Kunduz residents have claimed that three civilians were killed and seven others wounded in a night raid by Afghan security forces in Chardara district this week.

According to the residents the night raid was conducted in Yatim village on Wednesday night.

“My uncle, his wife and his son were killed. Only his daughter survived. She is wounded. Their house was destroyed and nothing was left behind,” said Abdul Hadi, a resident of Chardara.

“My sister and I were wounded and we were taken to hospital,” another resident, Ahmad said.

Meanwhile, the head of Kunduz Zonal Hospital, Naeem Mangal, said seven people were admitted to the facility for treatment.

“The wounded taken to hospital totaled seven. One of them was treated and returned home but six others, including four women, are in a critical condition,” he said.

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