18 March 2017

News Story: Calls For Security Reforms Grow Amid Ongoing Violence

By Karim Amini

Military affairs experts and a number of ex-security officials on Thursday called for comprehensive reforms to be implemented in Afghanistan’s security sector in order to enable the conventional forces defeat insurgents on the battlefields.

Experts say that in view of ongoing uncertainties and poor war leadership among the security institutions, the security situation in the country would deteriorate further unless fundamental reforms are implemented.

Commenting on the issue of wide-ranging reforms in Afghanistan’s security institutions, Ministry of Defense (MoD) and Ministry of Interior (MoI) officials have said that bringing about basic reforms in the security sector is a time-consuming process.

“There are hundreds of generals who have obtained master’s degrees; they have pursued their higher education and they have experience as well; they have also served in army corps and units, therefore they can contribute in the ministry of defense and ministry of interior. There is a need for reforms in the higher and lower ranks of police, district police headquarters and police stations,” said one military expert Gharzai Khawkhugai.

“We need to have an alert and well-equipped security system,” said another military expert, Mirza Mohammad Yarmand.

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