13 March 2017

News Story: Japan, US navies drill in East China Sea

Image: Flickr User - Official U.S. Navy Page
The US and Japanese navies said Friday they completed a four-day joint exercise in the East China Sea, as tension intensifies in the region following North Korea's missile tests.

The training, characterised by Japanese media essentially as a show-of-force exercise, coincided with renewed tensions in the region after North Korea's latest ballistic missile launches earlier this week.

The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and the guided missile destroyer USS Wayne E. Meyer from the US Navy joined the Japanese destroyers Sazanami and Samidare in the East China Sea to "increase proficiency in basic maritime skills and improve response capabilities," the US Navy said in a statement.

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force, the country's navy, said in a separate statement that the exercises focused on "tactical training", without elaborating

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