10 September 2013

Industry: Final shipment of Su-30MK2 fighters delivered to Indonesia

Venezuelan Su-30MK2 (Wiki Info - Image: Wiki Commons)

Rosoboronexport completes fulfillment of contract from 2011

An AN-124-100 "Ruslan" delivered the unassembled fighters together with 13 technicians who will assemble the aircraft, reports ITAR-TASS, citing the Indonesian newspaper "Jakarta Post". According to it, Major Mulyadi, a representative from the airbase, made the statement reporting the delivery of the planes.

Flight-testing of the Su-30MK2 will take place after assembly and before the Indonesian Air Force accepts delivery of the planes.

As a rule, aircraft assembly and testing take place over a week, the representative of the airbase noted.

Weapons will be purchased for the delivered planes under a separate contract.

The first two aircraft under the 2011 contract with the Indonesian Air Force were delivered back in February. A second pair of Su-30MK2 planes was delivered in May. After this delivery the contract will be considered completely fulfilled.

The fighters will form a part of the 11th Squadron of the Indonesian Air Force, which will have five single-seater Su-27SKM planes and 11 double-seater Su-30MK2 planes at its command.

Earlier it was reported that Rosoboronexport and the Indonesian Ministry of Defense signed a contract worth USD 470 million for the purchase of six Su-30MK2 multifunctional Russian fighters in December 2011. Between 2003 and 2010 Indonesia had already acquired five Su-27SK and five Su-30MK2 fighters.