06 September 2017

News Story: S. Korea mulls all 'military options' against N. Korea - ministry

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SEOUL, Sept. 5 (Yonhap) -- South Korea's defense ministry said Tuesday it's seeking "all available military options" to counter North Korea's nuclear brinkmanship, referring to the possibility of getting U.S. tactical nuclear weapons redeployed here.

The Ministry of National Defense, however, reaffirmed Seoul's longstanding policy of making the peninsula free of nuclear weapons.

"There's no change in our government's denuclearization principle," the ministry's spokesman Moon Sang-gyun said at a press report.

He was responding to a question about Defense Minister Song Young-moo's remarks a day earlier.

Speaking at a National Assembly session, Song said the possible return of the U.S. tactical nukes can be discussed as one of the various options for effective deterrence and response to the North's belligerence.

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