05 September 2017

News Story: Phl, Malaysia, Indonesia eye joint border counter-terror patrols

By Alexis Romero 

MANILA, Philippines -  The Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia are eyeing a joint task force against security threats and may open their borders to each other to chase terrorists and other armed groups, President Duterte said. 

Duterte said he would meet with Indonesia President Joko Widodo and Malaysia President Najib Razak to thresh out the details of the border cooperation deal. 

“We have agreed that we will talk… the three of us… We are just waiting for the right timing,” the President told journalists in Davao City Saturday night. 

“In all probability, it will be like a joint task force. And I will open my borders to the Malaysian authorities and Indonesian authorities, and… they’ll be given access.

“If we are chasing someone and there is no more time, we can hit him. Even if he’s a Filipino, we can tell them ‘hit him’ or Indonesian here, we can hit him,” he added. 

Duterte said the meeting may be held near the Philippine shore, in Sabah or in Jakarta. 

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