22 September 2017

News Story: LDP unlikely to reveal specifics on desired constitutional revisions in election pledge

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) will unlikely unveil any specific draft clause when the party proposes constitutional revisions as part of its election campaign pledge, including one on the Self-Defense Forces (SDF), party sources said.

Instead, the LDP will lay out intraparty discussions on the issue in its campaign pledge for a House of Representatives election likely to be held in October.

LDP legislators decided at a meeting of the party's Headquarters for the Promotion of Revision to the Constitution on Sept. 20 to leave the compilation of the party's campaign promises on constitutional revisions to the party leadership.

As part of amendments to the supreme law, the headquarters has proposed to revise war-renouncing Article 9, make education free, extend the tenure of Diet members in case of a major natural disaster and eliminate the merged constituencies in the House of Councillors. The panel will work on forming a consensus among party legislators on the plan.

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