02 September 2017

News Story: Lawmakers propose resolution calling for S. Korea's nuclear armament amid N.K. threats

SEOUL, Aug. 31 (Yonhap) -- A group of conservative opposition lawmakers on Thursday proposed a parliamentary resolution calling for South Korea's nuclear armament, saying it must not condone North Korea's nuclear "monopoly."

The 26 lawmakers of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party stressed that in light of self-defense, Seoul has to seek its own nuclear arms should Pyongyang conduct another nuclear test.

Their call is in line with the conservative party's professed pursuit of a "balance of nuclear power" with the North.

"Now is the time for us to discard the impotent sanctions we have repeatedly imposed over the last two decades and seek a paradigm shift (in our security policy) to effectively defend our Republic of Korea's territory and citizens," Rep. Won Yoo-chul told reporters.

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