22 September 2017

News Story: Ghani Upbeat About Winning The War In Afghanistan

President Ashraf Ghani said on Wednesday night at the Peace and Security meeting at Asia Society, that under the US’s new war strategy he is sure there is a bigger chance of winning the war against terrorism – more so now than before. 

He said the new strategy focuses on strengthening the Afghan forces and increasing pressure on Pakistan therefore he is optimistic about the results of the policy.

“The other components of the security (strategy) are regional and domestic and in that context I would like to welcome the announcement of the South Asia strategy by the (US President Donald) Trump administration. 

“I want to assure every American parent that American forces are not going to be involved in conflict,” he added. 

He said the increase in troops is within the limits and understandings of the bilateral security agreement and the strategic partnership agreement. 

The president said one of the reasons behind insecurity is the lack of capacity of the Afghan National and Local Police force members.

“The Afghan Army has been able to retake every single district within days. Our problem is in hold, because our police is not substantially reformed and is not at that capacity. But this is changing,” he said referring to reports on the percentage of government’s control of Afghanistan’s territory. 

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