04 September 2017

News Story: Defense Ministry Preparing For US Troop Surge

By Massoud Ansar

The Afghan Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Saturday said it has starting preparing for the deployment of extra US troops to the country.

“Training centers exist in Kabul, Jalalabad, Helmand, Mazar-e-Sharif and Kandahar and Gardez where we have training centers and they (the additional troops) will help us in our training centers,” said MoD spokesman Dawlat Waziri.

On August 21, US President Donald Trump outlined a revised vision for the US war against terrorism in Afghanistan, pledging to end a strategy of nation building and instead increase attacks on militants.

Trump also said that within the framework of the new strategy, the United States will deploy thousands of additional forces to Afghanistan to deal with the threats that emanate from the region.

The Pentagon in turn has announced that the new batch of US forces will be deployed to military and security training centers of the Afghan National and Defense Forces (ANDSF) around the country.

The US is however also expected to ramp up airstrikes against militant bases in the country and earlier this week, reports indicated that they could use both F-16s and B-52s.

Footage released on Saturday by the Pentagon shows a US B-52 bomber patrolling Afghanistan air space on August 29 (on Tuesday) and of it being refueled.

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