13 September 2017

News Story: (Afghan) MPs Furious Over Leaflets Dropped By US Army

By Massoud Ansar

Members of the Wolesi Jirga (the Lower House of Parliament) on Monday voiced their objection to the drop of leaflets in Parwan, Kapisa and in Kohdaman district of Kabul province by the US army last Tuesday.

MPs issued a statement and said the United States army insulted Islam values by dropping such leaflets and warned the US army that such incidents legitimize the Taliban war against the Afghan government.

On Tuesday, the US army dropped leaflets from helicopters that contained an image of a white dog with a passage from the Quran used in Taliban banners superimposed on its side, fleeing from a lion.

Following the drop of leaflets, a senior US commander apologized to the nation and said the images were deemed highly offensive.

The MPs said such moves will legitimize the Taliban war and warned if such incidents happen again, they will fight the foreign troops.

“The drop of leaflets by the US army containing offensive images has insulted Islam and Muslims values and it will provoke and damage Afghans feelings,” MP Saleh Mohammad Saljoqi said.

A number of MPs said such moves will benefit the insurgents and will distance the nation from the US troops.

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