05 September 2017

News Story: $7 Billion Will be Spent on Afghan Air Force

Afghan Air Force MD-530 Light Attack Helicopters
By Samim Faramarz

In a major sign of long-term support for Afghanistan, the United States and NATO alliance are moving to support the Afghan Air Force by investing billions of dollars in the nation’s Air Force.

Gen. Phillip A. Stewart, commander of Train, Advise, Assist Command said in an interview with TOLOnews on Sunday that $7 billion will be spent on the Afghan Air Force over the next four years.

“We expect the Afghan Air Force to be fully professional, sustainable and capable and independent and that’s our whole goal here,” he said.

Under the new aid package, the number of aircraft owned by the AAF will be doubled in the next four years.

Afghan Air Force A-29 Super Tucano Ground Attack Aircraft
“It takes a lot of time to build an air force from scratch, the Afghan Air Force is actually doing it incredibly fast and doing it under combat conditions, I don’t think that’s ever being done before when you (build) an air force from scratch and in combat conditions, I think the international community has pitched in in an incredible manner, we have fourteen different nations that are part of the train, advise and assist mission,” said Stewart.  

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