03 August 2017

News Story: Soldiers Make Headway In Military Operation In Janikhail

By Abdulhaq Omeri

Government forces are making progress in the ongoing military operation in Janikhail district in the far east of Paktia province, military officials confirmed.

The officials said the military operation was launched on Tuesday. 

Janikhail, a strategic district close to the Durand Line, was captured by the Taliban eight days ago. 

“Key areas of Janikhail including Reshpakai Pass (towards the center of the district) were retaken by government forces early on Tuesday morning at 5am local time. So far, 101 Taliban fighters including foreign fighters have been killed and 87 others wounded and two vehicles belonging to the Taliban were destroyed during the operation,” said Major Gen. Abdul Wase Milad, Commander of 203 Atal Military Corps.

According to Paktia officials, Taliban has suffered heavy losses in offensives by security forces. 

“Security forces are advancing by adapting special tactics against the Taliban. Taliban has suffered heavy losses in the battle. Key check posts were retaken,” Paktia Police Chief Colonel Nisar Ahmad Abdul Rahimzai said.

A Border Police commander meanwhile suggested that the local check posts in various parts of the district must be strengthened – in order to prevent a comeback by the Taliban.  

“Same as last year, this year too, check posts fell to the enemy. These check posts must be reinforced and empowered. The check posts near the Durand Line must be strengthened,” said Raz Mohammad Mandozai, commander of Second Regiment of Afghan Border Police in Paktia.

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