24 August 2017

News Story: Pakistan Defies Trump’s New War Strategy As Afghans Cheer

By Anisa Shahid

US President Donald Trump’s decision to intensify US involvement in Afghanistan has met with doubts and frustration in Pakistan as officials in Afghanistan widely welcomed the new war plan and foresee it a step forward towards putting more pressure on the militant groups and countries that Afghan government believesare harboring the insurgents particularly the Taliban group.

As international reactions on President Trump’s war strategy on Afghanistan coming in, a number of Pakistani military officials have said that the new war strategy announced today was not something new.

Pakistani military officials have claimed that the terrorists are not enjoying safe havens in Pakistani soil, suggesting Trump to come up with evidences to prove that Pakistan was harboring militant groups in its territory.

“We realized that negotiations with the terrorists will not yield an outcome, therefore we preferred to launch operation in the tribal areas. Today no terroristis present in anywhere in Pakistan,” said former Pakistani military officer Assad Munir. “If Trump and his aides believe that terrorists have hideouts here (in Pakistan), then he should bring evidence to prove it.”

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