08 August 2017

News Story: Pakistan Builds New Check Posts in Disputed Areas

By Karim Amini

The Afghan border police say the Pakistani military has started building dozens of check posts at points on the Zero Zone along the Durand Line in areas located in Spin Boldak district of the southern Kandahar province.

According to the Afghan border forces, the check posts are apparently being built in the controversial villages of Loqman and Jahangir that Afghanistan consider as part of its own territory.

This comes three months after Afghan security forces engaged in a deadly battle with the Pakistani forces in the area after Pakistan military tried to conduct a survey in the controversial villages. Both sides sustained casualties in the fighting.

“The Pakistanis want us to determine the border with them. We are not in a position to do so as that authority lies with Afghanistan’s people and the central government,” Col. Sharif Gharzay, commander of the 3rd battalion of Afghan Border Police Gharzay said.

Nearly three months ago border forces opened fire on each other across the Durand Line after Afghan authorities accused Pakistani officials of having breached their territory.

Afghan border officials said that Pakistan built dozen of check posts in the Loqman and Jahangir villages of Spin Boldak district of Kandahar province.

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