03 August 2017

News Story: New Alliance Launched in Eastern Zone (of Afghanistan)

By Ziar Yaad

A new coalition called the People’s Alliance of the East Zone was officially launched on Tuesday at an event in Nangarhar that was supported by dozens of local residents.

The alliance was formed by tribal elders and residents from the eastern provinces of Nangarhar, Kunar and Nuristan, as well as a number of Afghan lawmakers. 

Members of the alliance said they are worried about the ongoing uncertainty in the country, adding that government does not have the ability to fix the current crisis. 

“The president (Ashraf Ghani) promised that he will bring food to the ordinary people’s lives, but he did not manage to deliver it, he promised to build houses for the people, but the people have evacuated their homes because of the emergence of Daesh. The president is a good manager, but not a good leader,” said Abdul Zahir Qadeer, an MP from Nangarhar and a member of the alliance.

“The situation is not stable. The security situation is deteriorating every day. We are concerned that if the situation is not tackled and reforms are not put in place, Afghanistan could turn into a second Syria,” said Mirwais Yasini, another MP and member of the alliance.  

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