19 August 2017

News Story: Mattis vows 'immediate, specific' actions to intercept N.K. missile

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis 
WASHINGTON, Aug. 17 (Yonhap) -- The United States would take immediate and specific actions to take down a North Korean missile should it be fired toward any of its allies, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Thursday.

Mattis made the remark during a press conference following a so-called "2+2" meeting involving the foreign and defense ministers of the U.S. and ally Japan.

"We would take immediate, specific actions to take it down," he said in response to a question about what the U.S. would do if North Korea launched ballistic missiles toward the territory of its allies.

Just last week, the communist regime threatened to fire four intermediate-range ballistic missiles over Japan into waters near the U.S. territory of Guam. After U.S. President Donald Trump warned the military was "locked and loaded," North Korean leader Kim Jong-un suspended the plan Tuesday.

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