30 August 2017

News Story: Allies Will Be in Afghanistan for Decades - Ex-CIA Chief

David Petraeus (Image: Wiki Commons)
General David Petraeus, a former CIA director and former commander of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan said American forces are likely to stay in the country for decades after an increase in troop numbers, The Times in Britain reported.

 “The analogy with Afghanistan isn’t perfect, given that is a true shooting war, but when we have had significant national interests at stake, we have sustained efforts, and I think that is why a sustained commitment is important here but also why that has to be sustainable,” he told The Times.

He “wouldn’t hazard a prediction” on how long NATO forces would be in Afghanistan, but indicated that the 16-year war, America’s longest, was set to last.

“This is not the fight of a decade, much less a few years,” he said. “We are engaged in a generational struggle. That is why we need sustained commitments that are sustainable. I believe that this is a sustainable sustained commitment,” he said.

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