31 July 2017

News Story: US to donate more planes, weapons to Phl

Surveillance Cessna-208B (Image: Wiki Commons)
By Christina Mendez

MANILA, Philippines -  A day after turning over two reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft to the Philippine Air Force, the United States said it is set to donate more equipment with similar capabilities in the near future.

“In the coming months, the US will be transferring more intelligence and surveillance equipment to the Philippine Air Force,” US embassy spokesperson Molly Koscina posted on her Twitter account. The PAF on Thursday officially received two Cessna-208B planes from the US at the Villamor Air Base.

The US has also begun delivery of 200 pieces of 500-pounder bombs and almost 1,000 pieces of 2.75-inch rockets to PAF.

The Air Force is heavily involved in the raging battle to liberate Marawi from Maute militants. Continued air strikes on enemy positions have significantly depleted the PAF’s arsenal.

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