29 July 2017

News Story: Serious Concerns Raised Over Rising Casualty Toll Among Soldiers

By Massoud Ansar

A number of military experts on Thursday criticized security agencies and accused them of being weak leaders and lacking intelligence capacities on the back of the steadily rising death toll among security forces - particularly in Kandahar.

More than 100 soldiers have been killed in Taliban attacks on security installations in Kandahar alone in the last month. In addition, at least 90 soldiers have been wounded in the attacks.

Military experts said the lack of intelligence-gathering abilities has led to insurgents being able to carry out attacks on military bases. 

“We will be able to foil these attacks also other attacks and plans of the enemy if we have a strong intelligence (unit) and if we improve ways to infiltrate the enemy (structures),” said Mohammad Gul Mujahid, a former military officer.

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