24 July 2017

News Story: Residents Want Probe Into Killing Of Badakhshan Forces

By Nematullah Ahmadi

A number of residents of Tagab district in the northeastern Badakhshan province on Saturday blamed the local government for intention to peoples’ safety, saying that the relevant organizations should investigate the killing of at least 35 Afghan Local Police and Public Uprising forces in the province.

“We are worried about our future. The unawareness of local officials helped the Taliban to kill the forces,” said Amrullah Saleh, a resident of Badakhshan.

“We are concerned about our safety,” another resident Adham said. “Local officials including governor and the police chief are reluctant. The bloodshed in Warduj was repeated in Tagab.”

According to local officials, lack of intelligence information about the Taliban’s plot was one of the main reasons behind the incident. 

Badakhshan Police Chief Abdul Khaliq Aqsaee said the policemen had lost their lives due to the “negligence” of intelligence institutions.

He said the incident will be probed in the near future.

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