24 July 2017

News Story: Marines capture NPA camp in Palawan

New People’s Army (NPA) Rebels/Terrorist
By Jaime Laude

MANILA, Philippines - Marine soldiers have captured a major camp that the New People’s Army (NPA) established in Bataraza in Palawan, the Western Command (Wescom) said yesterday.

The camp, located in Sitio Kambingan, Barangay Mahilud, was discovered hours after members of the Marine Battalion Landing Team-4 (MBLT-4) and a band of NPA guerrillas exchanged fire on Friday morning, according to Wescom spokesperson Capt. Cherryl Tindog.

The firefight was triggered by a roadside explosion perpetrated by the rebels against the Marines in Bataraza and the killing of two soldiers in Roxas town.

The communist movement has been trying to establish presence in Palawan and was recently able to put up a guerrilla front in the southern part of the island-province.

The camp is located a kilometer away from where the Marines clashed with the insurgents. It has 21 huts, a tower guard, an advance post, a conference hall and several bunkers.

“These tell us that the camp is a major base of the NPA and its capture by the government deprived the insurgents of a sanctuary,” Tindog said.

She said with the cancellation of the peace talks, the rebels are expected to launch more atrocities not only in Palawan, but in other areas of the country.

Tindog urged the public not to believe the lies of the NPA in defending its atrocities.

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