21 July 2017

News Story: Helmand’s Nawa District Badly Damaged By Taliban

By Abdullah Achekzai

Following the liberation of Nawa district in the south of Lashkargah city, in Helmand province, from the Taliban earlier this week, local officials said on Wednesday that the district sustained extensive damage during the Taliban's occupation. 

Officials said government buildings had been largely burned down by the group. 

The district governor Mohammad Takra said the reconstruction of Nawa will cost millions of dollars.

“Why did you (Taliban) destroy roads, why did you destroy clinics, why did you destroy the district governor and (police) headquarters buildings? All of them cost millions of dollars to spend,” he said.

According to TOLOnews reporter Abdullah Hamim, the district governor’s two-storey office, has been heavily damaged by the Taliban.

“We will strive hard once again and will rebuild the district,” the district governor added. 

Meanwhile, a number of Nawa residents claimed that “all their properties and capital have been looted by the Taliban” during their nine months of rule in the district.

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