26 July 2017

News Story: Chinese FM pledges support to Philippines' independent foreign policy

MANILA, July 25 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with his Philippine counterpart Alan Peter Cayetano here on Tuesday, saying China supports Philippines' independent foreign policy.

Wang also said China is willing to be the sincere partner in Philippines' nation building.

Wang made the assurance that China will firmly supports Philippines' war against illegal drugs and terrorism, vowing to provide more supports in these efforts.

Wang said China has already provided narcotic detection equipment to the Philippines to help its war against illegal drugs, promising that more is on the way.

Wang also disclosed that China is going to provide emergency supplies worth more than 3 million U.S. dollars to the Philippines to help with the rehabilitation work in the southern Philippine city of Marawi, which has been ravaged in a war against extremists.

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PacificSentinel: I'd really like to know how changing butt kissing the USA into butt kissing China can be called an "independent foreign policy".