04 July 2017

News Story: Anti-terror cooperation key part of China-Russia partnership - Xi

BEIJING, July 3 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping said Monday that anti-terror cooperation is an important part of the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination, which sets an example for the world in that regard.

China-Russia anti-terror cooperation is in the fundamental interest of both nations, and is conducive to regional and world peace and stability, Xi said in an interview with Russian media ahead of his departure for the July 3-4 state visit to Russia.

Bilateral cooperation in such areas as fighting the three evil forces (of terrorism, separatism and extremism) through bilateral law enforcement and security cooperation mechanisms is moving forward smoothly, playing important and positive role in maintaining stability and development of both nations and the region, he said.

China is willing to deepen pragmatic cooperation with Russia, and is committed to mutual support in addressing core concerns of each other with respect to the fight against terrorism, Xi said.

Meanwhile, the two sides should intensify cooperation and coordination within such multilateral frameworks as the United Nations (UN) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), he said.

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