26 July 2017

News Story: Abdullah Says Govt Needs Time To Establish Security

Abdullah Abdullah (Image: Wiki Commons)
By Anisa Shahid

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah said on Monday at the council of ministers meeting that maintaining security is the main focus of the National Unity Government (NUG), but emphasized that government needs time to establish this by bringing reforms.

Abdullah meanwhile pointed to recent security incidents around the country and said government accepts that it has failed to ensure the public's safety.

“I know there are problems and people are not happy with the current situation and they are right. But still we hope and need time to establish security through bringing reforms,” said Abdullah.

The CEO also referred to the strikes by U.S forces in Helmand’s Greshk district in which a number of policemen and civilians were killed and said the foreign troops accepted that the policemen were mistakenly killed in their airstrike. 

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