15 June 2017

News Story: Young protesters maintain battle against complicated 'anti-conspiracy' bill

A group of young activists is continuing its fight against a so-called "anti-conspiracy" bill that the ruling coalition hopes to enact during the current Diet session, calling for the controversial legislation to be scrapped.

The bill, now before the House of Councillors, would criminalize "preparatory actions to commit crimes such as terrorism" by changing the conditions that constitute conspiracy.

"Mirai no tame no kokyo" (Public for the future), a group of young activists including former members of the "Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy-s" (SEALDs), has protested against the bill in front of the National Diet Building in Tokyo, among other locations.

On the evening of June 13 the group staged a hastily arranged protest in front of the Diet building, shouting out, "Scrap the anti-conspiracy bill." The rally was arranged through a social networking service the day before, and about 1,500 people turned up, according to organizers. Opposition lawmakers also gave speeches, and participants chanted fast-paced slogans.

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