17 June 2017

News Story: Tagab District Cleared But Taliban Threat Remains

By Nematullah Ahmadi

Local officials in Badakhshan said on Thursday that after a seven-day operation, security forces have cleared the Taliban from Tagab district’s insecure areas.

Badakhshan Police Chief Abdul Khaliq Aqsaee said the Taliban had stationed themselves one kilometer from the district center for the past two years.

According to him, government forces slowed down their military operations with the arrival of Ramadan but when the Taliban attacked three districts – Arghanj Khwah, Khash and Tagab – a joint military operation was launched.

“We started a joint military operation one week ago to clear Tagab district in Badakhshan. Fortunately, we succeeded to clear the district. Eight of the militants were killed, 15 wounded and three of them were arrested,” the police chief said.

Local officials said the Taliban has now fled to Warduj district after they were pushed back from Tagab.

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