12 June 2017

News Story: Security measures installed in Melbourne to combat rising threat of terror attacks

CANBERRA, June 11 (Xinhua) -- Plans to erect temporary anti-terror safety measures in Melbourne have been brought forward in response to recent attacks, the Victorian Government announced on Sunday.

Concrete bollards were installed across Melbourne's Central Business District (CBD) on Sunday after Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews ordered the process be accelerated after the London Bridge attack.

More than 7.5 million U.S. dollars was spent putting the bollards in as well as improving closed circuit television across the city.

The first barricades were installed at Federation Square and Bourke Street after a secret government report identified them as the two most likely targets of a car attack.

Other locations that the government identified as high risk are being kept secret so as to not give potential terrorists any further information.

Andrews said the cement road-blocks were just a temporary fix and they would be replaced by permanent safety measures within six months.

"Constructing permanent bollards will take some time, (so)...I have directed that temporary bollards will be put at place at Federation Square and Bourke Street and a number of other sites," Andrews told reporters on Sunday.

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