14 June 2017

News Story: Pictures of Myanmar's first JF-17 Thunder fighter jet appear

A Pakistan Air Force JF-17 Thunder Fighter
Pictures of the first JF-17 Thunder single-engine multi-role fighter jet produced for the Myanmar Air Force has appeared online, being prepared for carrying out flight testing. Myanmar has ordered a fleet of CAC/PAC jointly designed fighter jets in 2015

In July 2015, Myanmar became the first export customer of the JF-17 Thunder with an order for 16 Block II variants in July 2015.

The first of 16 imported JF-17s ordered by Myanmar are expected to go into service with the MAF later this year.

The JF-17 fighter aircraft will replace Myanmar Air Force aged fleet of 16 Nanchang A-5IIK ground attack aircraft and 24 Chengdu F-7M fighter jets received from China in the 1990s. 

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