15 June 2017

News Story: MPs Warn of Growing Daesh Activity in Eastern Regions

By Massoud Ansar

Lawmakers in parliament on Wednesday raised the alarm over what they called an increase in Daesh activities in some strategic eastern provinces of the country.

As such they called on the Afghan government to be vigilant regarding threats by militant groups and to secure the area against insurgents. 

MPs warned that there would be a public backlash should government fail to tackle the group. However some MPs termed the group a project, alleging that there was the possibility that some elements were involved in backing the group in the country. 

Amid speculation over government’s dealings against Daesh, interior ministry officials have said security forces were determined to supress the group. 

The interior ministry also accused Pakistan of having supported the group, but Islamabad has repeatedly rejected the allegations by the Afghan officials.

“Two key Daesh commanders in Afghanistan including Hafiz Saeed and Haseeb were killed as a result of operations by the Afghan security forces and dozens of other Daesh operatives were eliminated in various areas, this indicates that there is a firm commitment to repress and eliminate the group in Afghanistan,” said interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish.

MPs said that Daesh has expanded its recruitment efforts in the east. 

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