02 June 2017

News Story: Moon says will handle N.K. issues without role of foreign countries

South Korean President Moon Jae-in
JEJU ISLAND, June 1 (Yonhap) -- South Korea's new administration will take the initiative in global efforts to denuclearize North Korea without depending on the role of foreign countries, President Moon Jae-in said Thursday.

"We will take the lead in dealing with Korean Peninsula issues without relying on the role of foreign countries," Moon said in a congratulatory video message to the opening of the Jeju Forum, which kicked off a three-day run on this resort island. "We will launch an entirely renewed initiative and boldly implement it for lasting peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula."

He said South Korea will use persuasion and pressure against North Korea to ultimately bring the country to negotiations over its nuclear program.

"We will work with the international community. In cooperation with relevant countries, including the U.S. and China, we will bring North Korea out to dialogue through persuasion and pressure, and achieve the resolution of the North Korean nuclear issue, as well as improvements in inter-Korean relations and U.S.-North Korea relations," Moon said.

The recent series of missile launches by North Korea is a serious challenge not only for the Korean Peninsula but for international peace and stability, the president said.

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