17 June 2017

News Story: Mohaqiq Slams Security Agencies Following Mosque Attack

By Gulabudin Ghubar

Mohammad Mohaqiq, the second deputy of Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, who visited the family of Ramazan Husainzada – a Kabul businessmen who was killed in Al-Zahra Mosque attack on Thursday night, blamed security institutions for failure in preventing deadly incidents.

Mohaqiq said that gaps in security institutions is the main reason behind “an increase in insurgent attacks across the country”.

“Government has plans on hand but the incidents have proven that it is has failed in preventing such incidents. Because the enemy is living on the other side of our borders which is more than 2,000 kilometers in length. The enemy enters our country from the other side of the border,” he said.

Ramazan Husainzada was born in Behsood district in Maidan Wardak province 66 years ago.

Husainzada was married and left behind seven children.

“He (Husainzada) was a good man, a compassionate man, not only to Hazaras, but to all,” said Mohammad Sarwar, Husainzada’s friend.

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