26 June 2017

News Story: HPC Chief Says Taliban’s Fight Is A Mistake

By Hamed Nazari

The head of the High Peace Council (HPC), Mohammad Karim Khalili, at a gathering on Friday called on the Taliban to join the peace process and said ‘the continuation of fight by the Taliban is a mistake’. 

“We urge all the armed anti-government groups, especially Taliban to join the peace process and take more steady steps in this respect,” he said.  

“We have said repeatedly and now also we say that there is no unilateral lost in peace process,” Khalili added. 

The HPC chief invited Afghans for national unity and said solidarity among the people was a need to stand against terrorists. 

“One of the old wishes of armed anti-groups in Afghanistan is to create sectarian and ethnic divisions. We have felt and tasted sectarian and ethnic divisions and our people will not go back to those days,” said Khalili.

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