10 June 2017

News Story: Daesh Militants Recruiting In Ghor Province - Officials

By Jawed Ziaratjayee

Footages obtained by TOLOnews reveal that a group of fighters loyal to Daesh are training a number of young men and children in remote area in the north of Feroz Koh, the capital of Ghor province in Afghanistan’s central regions.  

Ghor police confirmed the report and said the footages have been prepared in a madrassa in Dara-e-Murghab area – 60 kilometers in the north of Feroz Koh city.   

One of the videos show that the recruits are pledging their allegiance to Daesh. 

In this footage, the fighters speak in Arabic and announce that they obey the orders of Daesh leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. 

Ghor Police Chief Gen. Mustafa Mohseni said Daesh is trying to make its stronghold in north of Feroz Koh city and it has trained dozens of people including teenagers and children.

He said that nine commanders of Daesh have entered the country from abroad and are responsible for training new recruits for the group in Dara-e-Murghab area.

“Daesh is trying to establish a stronghold in north of Feroz Koh in Dara-e-Murghab area. This is concerning. If this happens, the group will threaten nine provinces of the country from this area,” he said.

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