09 June 2017

News Story: AGO Reportedly Summoned Kabul Garrison Chief Over Shooting

By Karim Amini

Sources have said the Attorney General’s Office has summoned the Kabul Garrison Commander Gul Nabi Ahmadzai as part of their investigation into Friday’s shooting. 

Security forces allegedly opened fire on protestors at a rally in downtown Kabul on Friday, killing at least five. 

The sources said it was expected Ahmadzai would appear before the AGO on Wednesday.

The Attorney General’s Office said their investigation into Friday’s shooting and the suicide bombings at the burial ceremony of the son of Mohammad Alam Ezedyar, deputy speaker of the Meshrano Jirga (Upper House of Parliament), who was shot on Friday, are ongoing. 

The AGO’s spokesman Jamshed Rasuli said they are making progress with their investigations.

He said they will punish any group or individual at any level if they are found guilty of charges related to either of the incidents.

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