20 June 2017

Industry: NAVANTIA starts construction of the first AOR for the Australian Navy

BAC Cantabria (Image: Wiki Commons)
Navantia has started the construction of the first AAOR B217 logistic support vessel for the Australian Navy at its Fene facility, with the first steel cutting ceremony for block 220-3. 

The cut sheet has dimensions of 8 meters long by 1.8 wide and weighs 1,024 kgs. 

The contract, signed between Navantia and the Australian Government on May 9, 2016, includes the design and construction of two logistical vessels, with option to one more, as well as the maintenance of the same for an initial period of five years. 

The two ships, based on the "BAC Cantabria" built by Navantia for the Spanish Navy and adapted to certain Australian requirements, will be built in Navantia shipyards in the Bay of Ferrol. 

It supposes 3 million hours of work for this zone, as well as 35,000 hours derived from the manufacture and supply of the main motors, diesel generators and reducers that will be realized in the shipyard of Cartagena. To this must be added the 35,000 of the Integrated Platform Control System. With regard to its impact on employment, about 1,800 direct and indirect workers will be generated annually until 2020, the date of delivery of the second unit. Of these, more than 330 would be direct employees, more than 530 employees of the auxiliary industry and more than 900 would be indirect employees generated by other suppliers.

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