31 May 2017

News Story: Residents Flee Kunduz Village Over Brewing Insecurity

Kunduz city (Click Image to Enlarge)
By Tamim Hamid

Scores of residents from Mullah Sardar village on the outskirt of Kunduz city have fled their homes to avoid a possible war.

They said that Taliban snipers have taken up positions inside residential areas.

But local officials have rejected the claims and said security forces have cleared the village of insurgents.

“The people have been displaced, they are affected and face a lot of problems, their agriculture has been affected, the government must address their plight, but it does not mean that Mullah Sardar village was not cleared during the operation,” said the police Kunduz governor's spokesman Sayed Mahmoud Danish.

Meanwhile a number of Kunduz farmers have said that the war and violence has had a negative impact on agriculture.

Mullah Sardar village is located three kilometers from Kunduz city.

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