23 May 2017

News Story: NSC Yet To Sign Off On Demilitarization Of Some ANP Units

An Afghan Police Officer
By Massoud Ansar

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoI) on Sunday said that the country’s National Security Council (NSC) has approved the plan for the demilitarization of some units of the Afghan National Police (ANP) in principal, but the plan has yet to be finalized.

The interior ministry said the current structure of the ALP had been defined for temporary purposes and with the passage of time, these forces would be merged with the Afghan National Police (ANP).

“The local police is a temporary force within the structures of the ministry of interior, whenever their mission is ended, we will try to merge those eligible in the ranks of the national police force,” said MoI spokesman Najib Danish.

Meanwhile, the move has been met by mixed reaction in parliament.

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