20 May 2017

News Story: NATO Asked To Be Ready To Send More Troops To Afghanistan

A top U.S military officer called on NATO Wednesday to be prepared to move fast to deploy additional forces if U.S President Trump and other heads of states agree to bolster the alliance's mission in Afghanistan.

"What I asked my counterparts to do today is be prepared to act quickly," Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Wednesday after a meeting with NATO's military leaders. 

"If the political decision is to do more, let's do more as fast as we can."

Meanwhile, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Curtis Michael Scaparrotti said at the Military Committee of the organization in Brussels that the decision to send the troops to Afghanistan should be finalized soon.

“I would tell you from a military perspective the sooner we can provide him his (Gen. John Nicholson) shortages, the better. Here in NATO we think this will be considered here very soon. This is the normal period. He's got it in. We're about to have a Heads of State meeting. I think it will be considered before too long,” he said.

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