06 May 2017

News Story: Myanmar military, armed groups vow to cooperate in mine clearance

YANGON, May 5 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar military and ethnic armed groups will cooperate in mine clearance in accordance with the Nationwide Cease fire Accord (NCA), said Secretary-2 of the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC)-union level Colonel Wunna Aung Friday.

The mine clearance will be initially carried out in southeastern Kayin state and coordination is being made with the Kayin National Union (KNU), Wunna Aung told media at the end of a three-day meeting of the JMC held at the National Reconciliation and Peace Center (NRPC) in Yangon.

Wunna Aung added that technology for mine clearance will be sought from foreign countries.

The JMC meeting also discussed demarcation of areas and formation of JMC-regional level, among others, he said.

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