11 May 2017

News Story: EU Accuses Taliban Of War Crimes, Calls For End To Violence

By Sayed Sharif Amiri

The European Union (EU) has accused the Taliban of committing war crimes by killing innocent civilians and destroying towns, and called on the group to end the violence.

EU Special Representative to Afghanistan Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin said that the killing of innocent civilians and the destruction of towns by the Taliban was no longer acceptable.

Mellbin rallied for a diplomatic solution to the ongoing turmoil in Afghanistan.

“The Taliban have committed war crimes, because of the targeting of the Afghan civilians. This of course it is a very sad fact. We continue the calls on the Taliban to stop their attacks against Afghan civilians,” said Mellbin.

Mellbin made the remarks during the Europe Day celebrations in Kabul.

Besides efforts for peace on political fronts, there are also artists promoting peace in the country.

Attia is one such artist who started her drive for peace through art a year ago. She believes that the message of peace conveyed through art will one day occupy the hearts of insurgents.

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