20 May 2017

News Story: 'Anti-conspiracy' bill steamrolled through lower house committee

The so-called anti-conspiracy bill, which would criminalize "acts of preparations to commit crimes such as terrorism" by changing the conditions that constitute conspiracy, was passed in the House of Representatives Committee on Judicial Affairs on May 19 amid vociferous protests from opposition parties.

The ruling parties motioned to vote shortly after 1 p.m., reasoning that discussion on the bill had been exhaustive by citing the 30 hours of debate that had taken place.

While committee members from the opposition Democratic Party (DP) and Japanese Communist Party (JCP) rushed to the committee chair's seat to stop the vote from taking place, yelling that there had been insufficient discussion, the bill was pushed through with majority votes from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and its junior coalition partner Komeito, plus small opposition party Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party).

The government and ruling parties are aiming to pass the bill in a House of Representatives plenary session on or after May 23 so that it can be sent to the House of Councillors, in order to have the legislation enacted by June 18, the last day of the current ordinary Diet session.

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