25 May 2017

News Story: 16 Suspects Appear In Court Over Military Hospital Attack

By Anisa Shaheed

At least sixteen people suspected of being involved in the deadly attack on Sardar Daud military hospital in Kabul in March appeared in court on Tuesday, the Afghan Ministry of Defense (MoD) confirmed Tuesday.

Those who were negligent in terms of ensuring security at the hospital were among those who appeared in court, defense ministry spokesman Mohammad Radmanish said.

The hearing was however conducted behind closed doors.  

But, the fact finding committee has said that they will not accept the trial unless high level officers who are accused of conspiring over the incident are also prosecuted.

“You should be confident that anyone who committed negligence while on duty will go on trial and will be investigated according to the plan. There are 24 suspects, so far sixteen of them have appeared in court,” said MoD spokesman Mohammad Radmanish.

The hearing comes after a recent announcement by government that it had arrested over 24 individuals in connection with the attack, including some high ranking officers.

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