17 April 2017

News Story: North Korea's missile launch FAILS after military march in Pyongyang

An earlier North Korean Military Parade

NORTH Korea has launched a missile following the nation’s military celebrations in the capital over the weekend, but it was a failure, according to South Korean officials.

The reclusive state on Saturday was celebrating the 105th anniversary of its founder Kim Il-sung and reports have emerged that North Korea attempted to launch a missile.

South Korean officials claim the failed launch may have a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which Kim Jong-un had pledged was close to its testing phase at the beginning of this year.

A South Korean official said: “It's presumed to be new ICBM... longer than existing KN-08 or KN-14 ICBMs.”

The missile reportedly blew up immediately, but it is unclear what the US response will be after President Donald Trump previously vowed to take action against the communist state.

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