20 April 2017

News Story: No Australian soldiers hurt in IS gas attack in Iraq - PM

CANBERRA, April 19 (Xinhua) -- No Australian soldiers were hurt when Islamic State (IS) forces used mustard gas to carry out a "rudimentary" and "low grade" chemical weapons attack against Iraqi forces in Mosul, Australia's prime minister said on Wednesday.

It has been reported that up to 25 Iraqi soldiers required treatment as a result of the attacks, but no Australian troops - who were assisting the Iraqis at the time of the attack - were injured.

Speaking to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Wednesday, Malcolm Turnbull said while Australian troops were acting as advisers to the Iraqi forces at the time of the attack, no Australians were affected.

"My advice right at the moment is no Australian troops were affected but Australian forces did provide assistance following the attack. That's my current advice received," Turnbull said.

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