13 April 2017

News Story: MPs Call For Dismissal Of Kunduz Governor

A number of legislators on Tuesday said Kunduz governor Assadullah Omarkhail must be dismissed and brought to justice over alleged distribution of money to Taliban families in the province.

The Kunduz governor said at a meeting with tribal elders from the province this week he had distributed money to between 50 and 60 families of Taliban militants who occupied Kunduz and were then killed in the fight against Afghan security forces.

The lawmakers said giving money to the Taliban families is treason and an insult to the sacrifices made by security forces across the country.

“I urge President [Ashraf Ghani] to suspend the governor and bring him to justice. He should be prosecuted as a person who supported the enemy,” MP Ghulam Farooq Majroh told TOLOnews on Tuesday.

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