21 April 2017

News Story: Karzai Calls Daesh A ‘Tool’ Of The United States

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai
(Image: Wiki Commons)
Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday said Daesh was a “tool” of the United States and that he does not differentiate between Daesh and America. 

Karzai told VOA’s Afghan service: "After it (the U.S) dropped the bomb on Afghanistan, it did not eliminate Daesh."  

"I consider Daesh their tool," he said. 

"I do not differentiate at all between Daesh and America."

Karzai also dismissed criticism of Moscow's ties with the Taliban. 

"They (Russia) talk to the Taliban," Karzai said. 

"The U.S. also talks to the Taliban. Norway, Germany and other countries also talk to them. Russia also has the right to hold talks with the Taliban."

However, he told VOA: "The Taliban is a major reality in today's Afghanistan. The Americans themselves say that they (Taliban) control 50 percent of the Afghan territory. When a force controls 50 percent, countries have no option but to talk to them. The U.S itself talks to them — they meet them in their office in Qatar."

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